Z-Wave Open Review

Proposed changes to the Z-Wave specification can be found in the Z-Wave revision record. We encourage you to review, comment, and make suggestions for improvement. Feedback must be submitted to z-wavespecification@silabs.com by September 30th, 2019.

Z-Wave Revision Record


Important Changes

New command classes and Device Types:

  • Added Meter Command Class, version 6

Requirements changes:

  • Allowed a node to ignore the Central Scene Configuration Set Command with ‘Slow Refresh’ bit set to 0 if the node supports Slow Refresh Capability
  • Made manual Wake Up triggered by user activation mandatory for Z-Wave Plus (v1) nodes
  • Added a requirement for Z-Wave Plus (v1) nodes to document the manual Wake Up process if the node supports Wake Up functionality


Minor Changes

Z-Wave Plus v1 Device Type:

  • Clarified where to carry the QR code for a node that supports Smart Start inclusion

Z-Wave Plus v2 Device Type:

  • Clarified the documentation requirements for nodes supports Basic Command Class
  • Clarified the Gateway and Generic DT requirements

Z-Wave Command Class Control Specification:

  • Clarified that the controller must not show Basic report status if sending node is supporting at least one actuator command class


  • Version Command Class:
  • Clarified Version Report::Firmware numbering Figure
  • Clarified the Host Interface field description in Version Z-Wave Software Report Command
  • Clarified the intent of ‘Report More’ field in User Code and Authentication Command Classes
  • Window Covering Command Class: Clarified window target value requirements
  • Battery Command Class: Clarified the Battery Temperature field representation in the Battery Health report command
  • S2 bootstrapping Initial Key Exchange: Clarified a Client-Side authentication requirement during S2 bootstrapping
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