EZR32HG320F64R60G EZR32 Happy Gecko Sub-GHz Wireless MCU

The EZR32HG320F64R60G EZR32 Happy Gecko is a Sub-GHz Wireless MCU targeted at proprietary wireless applications for secure, connected, wireless devices. Combining a high performance Sub-GHz EZRadio/EZRadioPRO transceiver with an ARM-Cortex -M0+ based microcontroller (MCU) it provides a 13 dBm output power and an industry leading receive sensitivity of -126 dBm. The ultra-low power sleep modes and fast wake up time of the Silicon Labs energy-friendly 32-bit MCUS, combined with the low transmit and receive power consumption of the the Sub-GHz radio, result in a solution optimized for battery powered applications. This device includes 64 kB Flash, 8 kB RAM, 25 GPIO Pins, 3 x 16-bit Timers and multiple communication interfaces.

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Specifications Summary

MHz: 25

Flash (kB): 64

RAM (kB): 8

Frequency Min. (MHz): 142

Frequency Max. (MHz): 1050

Output Power Min. (dBm): -40

Output Power Max. (dBm): 13

Recieve Sensitivity (dBm): -126

RX Current: 10

GPIO Pins: 25

I²C: 1


SPI: 1


Package Type: QFN48

Package Size: 7x7

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