Si4060 EZRadioPRO ISM Band

The Si4060 EZRadioPRO ISM Band supports a frequency range between 142 and 1050 Hz and output power range between -40 and 13 dBm. The Si4060 is avaialble in a QFN20 package.

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Specifications Summary

Description: EZRadioPRO Sub-GHz Transmitter

Output Power Min. (dBm): -40

Output Power Max. (dBm): 13

RX Current (mA):

Frequency Min. (MHz): 142

Frequency Max. (MHz): 1050

+11/+20 dBm TX Current (mA): 18/—

+13 dBm TX Current: 25

FSK/GFSK (kbps): 1000

OOK (kbps): 120

Package Type: QFN20

2/4.8 Sensitivity (dBm):

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