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Biometric HRM Sensor Modules with Built-in LEDs

The Si1175K1-GM Biometric Optical Sensor combines the lowest power optical heart rate monitoring (HRM) solution in the industry with best-in-class power. The small, integrated module contains lensing, photodiode, AFE/ADC and 1 Green, 1 Red, 1 IR LED Module (all of which can be driven simultaneously), and simplifies optical design. The sensor can capture high quality PPG waveforms to support continuous HR measurement while consuming less than 50 uA of current (LED + Sensors). Other features include a >100 dB dynamic range, built-in buffer, I2C/SPI support and support for accelerometer synchronization.

The devices also support our proprietary, motion compensated HR algorithm, optimized to run on our Gecko MCUs and wireless SoCs. This level of unparalleled integration allows for system level power and performance optimization, and reduces time to market for wearable makers looking to add HR to their system.

Purchasing Information: Available in limited quantities for qualified customers (NDA required).

Please contact sales for pricing and product information.


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