Sensor Longevity Commitment

We target a minimum 10-year life cycle for all sensor products. Our sensor products are targeted toward applications and industry segments that require stable life cycles.

We provide a minimum longevity commitment for continued availability of all sensor products until clearly defined dates as set out below. Our longevity commitment includes the standard end-of-life notification policy (six months' notice for placement of final orders for shipment within 12 months from the notice date). If it becomes necessary to transfer the production of a product to an alternate manufacturing facility or technology, customers will be notified using our standard PCN procedures.

Device Family Sensor Type Minimum Longevity
Si72xx Magnetic Hall  April 2029
Si1102 Optical December 2022
Si1120 Optical December 2022
Si1133 UV December 2022
Si1141/2/3 Optical April 2027
Si1141xM Optical April 2027
Si115x Optical April 2027
Si1143/44 Biometric April 2027
Si117x Biometric April 2027
Si118x Biometric April 2027
Si7050/1/2/3/4/5 Temperature April 2029
Si7006 Humidity December 2022
Si7020/21 Humidity April 2029
Si7022/23 Humidity April 2029
Si7007 Humidity December 2022
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