Keyless Entry

Unlock Remote Entry Applications with Small Designs and Maximum Programmability

Solutions for Keyless Entry Applications

Our tiny footprint solutions and expertise in RF and mixed-signal MCUs enable customers to deliver reliable and cost effective RKE systems to market.

Wireless Keychain

SubGHz & 2.4GHz Remote Control Kits

Emulate wireless control of an automobile through our extensive portfolio of demonstration and reference kits that range from 169MHz up through 2.4GHz.

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Family Description RF Frequency Range
Si4010 Remote Control on a Chip Wireless MCU (MCU + RF Transmitter) 27 MHz - 960 MHz
Si4060 Low Current Transmitter One-way link RF Transmitter 142 MHz – 1050 MHz
Si4355 Low-Current Sub-GHz Receiver One-way link Sub-GHz Receiever 315 MHz - 915 MHz
Si4362 Low Current Receiver One-way link RF Receiver 142 MHz – 1050 MHz

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