Breathe Easy with Propeller Health


Customer's Needs

  • Cost Sensitive
  • Precise Data Tracking
  • Reliable Connection


  • Simple, Easy Patient Use
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


As an asthma epidemiologist, David Van Sickle was greatly puzzled by the lack of data he faced when studying asthma. David and his two co-founders, Mark Gehring and Greg Tracy, were inspired to create an affordable, user friendly, and personally interactive device for asthma and COPD patients.


Propeller Health created inhaled medications to provide insight to patients so that they can understand their worst symptom's triggers through their own personal data collection. Reliable connectivity is vital when you are monitoring your health, so Propeller Health picked their module carefully. The device utilizes the Silicon Labs Blue Gecko BGM121 Bluetooth Smart SiP module to produce a simple, yet sensitive, reliable Bluetooth device.

We felt the Blue Gecko BGM121 Bluetooth Smart SiP Module was the perfect marriage of good value and functionality
Gery Tracy, Co-Founder of Propeller Health


Using the BGM121, Propeller Health produced a small footprint, BLE functional, low cost device for patients to take their daily dose while detecting their personal triggers. Propeller Health is working as a complimentary digital solution alongside the pharmaceutical drugs, by helping optimize when patients take them, producing an effective combination.

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