FIAMM Componenti Accessori


Customer's Needs

  • Scalable Radio Solution


  • Highly scalable and compact solution
  • Fitting the car radio into the antenna


FIAMM Componenti Accessori, a provider of acoustic devices and antennas, recognized that remote tuner modules are playing a larger role in next-generation automotive car radios. The company set out to design a car radio solution for low to high-end cars enabling AM/FM and digital radio.


The company created a smart antenna bringing the radio directly to the infotainment network of the vehicle.


Silicon Labs tuner solutions enabled FIAMM to create a highly scalable AM/FM/Digital radio solution to address every car segment, previously unattainable to build with solutions on the market. The simplicity and scalability of the Silicon Labs chipset freed FIAMM from having to reengineer the solution for each different car model, saving valuable time for the development team.

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