Giatec Aims to Revolutionize Construction with Bluetooth Smart


Customer's Needs

  • Flexible Design
  • High Performance
  • Worldwide Certification


  • Simple User Interface
  • Real-Time Data
  • Long Wireless Range


The construction industry is constantly challenged with efficient quality control, working with limited time and resources. Aali Alizadeh co-founded Giatec to come up with a smart solution to effectively monitor the state of concrete in construction work.


Giatec chose the Silicon Labs BGM111 Bluetooth Smart Module to use in its SmartRock sensors. The module allows for real-time data analysis to go directly to the user's mobile device, alering them of the concrete's strength and temperature. This lets the user optimize curing and determine framework removal time.

Silicon Labs' Bluetooth microchip is the heart of the SmartRock sensor. We worked closely with Silicon Labs engineers to design the final product with optimized properties and performance.
Aali Alizadeh, CEO and Co-Founder of Giatec


The BGM111 Module's Bluetooth 4.2 compliant radio and integrated chip antenna is combined with a special enclosure to allow a strong signal for monitoring hardening concrete. This module's high performance is ideal for construction workers to report damage, corrosion, or cracks in the concrete throughout a structure's service life, enhancing safety and sustainability overall.

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