Inboard Technology Uses the IoT to Bring Style and Speed to Personal Transportation


Customer's Needs

  • Strong Vendor Support
  • Small Size
  • Reliable Connectivity


  • Reliable Communication
  • Confidence to Innovate


When Theo Cerboneschi’s bike kept getting stolen while he was in class, he set out to design something that he could carry with him. Inspired by his background in adventure sports and armed with experience in mechatronics, electronics, and mechanical engineering, he and his friend Ryan Evans began experimenting with motorized skateboards that would be fun to ride and aesthetically appealing.


Inboard Technology developed the M1, an electric skateboard that brings the potential of the IoT to personal transportation. The M1 utilizes the Silicon Labs BLE113 Bluetooth® Module in both the skateboard itself and its innovative, handheld controller. Reliable connectivity is critical when its how you’re controlling your rate of speed, so the Inboard team didn’t take any chances when selecting its module.

Having vendors that will really take their time with you and maybe hold your hand a little bit really gives you the confidence to take things to the next level.
Theo Cerboneschi


Using the BLE113, the Inboard team was able to take the M1 to some of the places where the competition was having trouble maintaining a Bluetooth connection, and they never lost a connection. Out of the box, the BLE113 was everything they needed.


Bluetooth Low Energy Fundamentals:

  • Ultra-low power: can run more than a year on a coin cell battery 
  • Flexible: connects to most consumer mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and PCs
  • Supported by major platforms: iOS, Android™ 4.3, Windows® 8, OSX®, and Linux®
  • Reliable and Robust: AFH, retransmissions and 24-bit CRCs
  • Secure: paring, privacy, MITM protection, and AES-128
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