Microtronics Brings Concept to Market Through IoT


Customer's Needs

  • Market-Ready Products
  • Flexibility


  • Confidence to Innovate
  • Accelerated Market Placement


After investing years in the Machine-to-Machine market, Gregor Bader and Martin Buber quickly realized companies were in desperate need of quidance in advancing their products with IoT capabilities. With a strong passion for diverse innovation, the two men set out to combine their software development skills and creative minds to create a firm dedicated to propelling a more connected world.


Through the right combination of software, hardware, and service, Microtronics have been connecting companies' products ideas with wireless, IoT functionality with a quick market availability. Silicon Labs EFM32 Giant Gecko 32-bit MCUs have powered Microtronics devices for over four years, providing energy sensitive, high memory, and connectivity advancements.

We've been using GSM modules from Silicon Labs since the beginning.
Martin Buber, Co-Founder of Microtronics


Flexible MCUs are key for Microtronics. From helping produce parking space reservations apps to lock systems for home package deliveries, the company works with a diverse range of ideas and inventions and must utilize a flexible, secure technology base. We are happy Silicon Labs could power a forward thinking IoT company.

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