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Easily add up to 90 W of power to router and switch ethernet ports with our IEEE compatible Power over Ethernet devices


New 802.3bt 90 W PoE portfolio enables a broad range of new use cases for routers and switches

The more than doubling of PoE power enables new use cases for emerging 5G small cell as well as reinvigorating wireless access points and other PoE end points that need more power.  Using in place standard ethernet cable and upgrading the router and switch with 90 W of PoE is faster and more cost-effective than routing ac power to each mini-cell and access point.  Our IEEE-compliant PoE devices simplify router and switch design, reduce bill of materials and speed time-to-market for adding the latest 90 W PoE standard. We also offer multiple channel digital isolators, including plug-n-play bi-directional I2C isolators that provide the required isolation between the PoE PSE controller and the router and switch processor. With the expanded power of 802.3bt, even more systems can take advantage of the ease of use and simplification enabled through Silicon Labs' PoE.

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What you need to know when designing PoE products

Our family of PoE PSE Controllers include single and multi-port devices. Single port PSE devices are a cost-effective way to add power to a single port of a switch and router while our multi-port PSE devices allow for large numbers of ports to be supported in a compact footprint required in rack-based routers and switches. These devices include an autonomous and hosted operating mode with a rich interface for efficient power management. Autonomous mode is typically used in single port devices while multi-port designs can use more cost-effective power supplies with intelligent power management to allocate power to each ethernet port. IEEE compatibility is ensured through industry standard Sifos testing reports which are included in our EVB reference design user's guide. Also included are detailed schematics and PCB layout to speed your PoE design using a proven solution.

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Understanding the IEEE 802.3bt PoE Standard

Design Considerations
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