Fitness Wearables

Smarter Components are Key To Developing Smarter Wearables

Solutions for Fitness Wearables

Silicon Labs' technology for wearable applications is so powerful and simple it can be found in the majority of devices on the market today.


Smart Wearables for the IoT

Smart wearables have exploded in popularity, largely due to their increase in utility. And because they are primarily battery-powered, energy-friendly components are important.


Winning the Wrist: Wearables, Health, and Fitness

Wearables have the power to transform how we manage our health, both for chronic conditions and for daily fitness. In this blog post, we discuss how to design a winning wearable.

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EFM32 Cortex-M4 Based 32-Bit MCUs

These energy-friendly MCUs are ideally suited for demanding signal processing and low power applications.

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Biometric Sensors

High-precision sensing, a proprietary algorithms, and a low-power MCU powers our heart rate monitoring solution.

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Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Our temperature and humidity sensors bring high-accuracy and energy efficiency to your sensing applications.

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Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity

Speed up development and Improve time-to-market with Bluetooth SoCs, modules, and software.

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