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Getting Your Medical Device to Market Faster, Safer, and Better-Connected

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Silicon Labs equips medical device designers with the game-changing combination of performance, connectivity, and design simplicity.


Bringing the Internet of Things to Life

We provide the small, energy-friendly building blocks of the IoT found in everyday objects, including connected health and wellness products.


Connected Healthcare Impresses at Embedded World

Watch some of our tools in action with these heart rate, UV, light, temperature, humidity, and other sensor data demos.


Low EMI Isolation for Medical Equipment Applications

Medical environments are noisy, with significant electromagnetic interference. Learn to manage EMI in a hospital setting with capacitive silicon isolators.

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Environmental and Biometric Sensor Puck

Our Environmental and Biometric Sensor Puck development kit provides a convenient demo platform that uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module to broadcast sensor data to iOS or Android smartphones.

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Low-Power Embedded Design Tips for Wearables

A successful wearable device needs to deliver on price, performance, functionality, battery life, and appearance to differentiate itself from its competitors.

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