Cross Reference Utility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I use the cross reference utility?

Type the part number from another company into the filter field. The list of Silicon Labs products that can replace those parts will appear in the results window below. You can type manufacturer names, full manufacturer part numbers, or partial part numbers, with or without spaces, dashes, etc.
Once you find the products you need, you can click on the part number to see more details about the Silicon Labs device, and you can download the data sheet by clicking on the data sheet link. If the part is available for ordering online, you can click the Buy, Sample or Custom buttons to order.

What do the compatibility levels mean?

  • Drop-in: Identical footprint and functionality. Substantially the same electrical characteristics. Substitution can be done without amending or changing the existing electrical circuit diagram.
  • Footprint: The footprint is identical, but there may be key differences in electrical specifications or behavior.
  • Functional: Devices have a similar feature set or perform the same function in the system. A PCB change may be required.

How do I export the results?

You can export the results to Excel by clicking on the "Export Results to Excel" link in the top right hand corner of the utility.

How do I reset the utility?

Click on the RESET ALL button to reset all fields back to their original settings.