Voice DAAs - Si3050 + Si3011/18/19

Si3050 extends the market-leading performance of our Silicon Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) products into the voice telephony market. The small footprint chipset consists of a 20-pin Si3050 (TSSOP) system-side device and either the 16-pin Si3019 (TSSOP) or the 16-pin Si3018 (SOIC) line-side device. Si3050 features our patented capacitive isolation technology with low-cost, high voltage capacitors instead of a costly and bulky transformer and contains both a PCM highway/SPI interface for most standard telephony applications, as well as a GCI interface for customers with legacy requirements.

Globally compliant chipset
Single and global BOM
Low-cost bill-of materials

Si3050 Specs

  • Globally-compliant with FCC, NET4, CTR21, JATE and country-specific PTT specifications
  • Compliant to FCC Part 68, EN55022, EN55024 and country-specific standards
  • Single, global, low cost bill-of-materials (BOM)
  • Selectable terminations (3 dc and up to 16 ac)
  • Daisy-chaining on one SPI port (up to 16 devices)
  • µ-law/A-law companding
  • PCM highway/SPI or GCI interfaces
  • Over 6000 V isolation with Y2 rated capacitors
  • 25 dB minimum return loss across voice band
  • 8-tap programmable hybrid filter to optimize near-end echo cancellation
  • Optimize near-end echo cancellation
  • 16-bit codec with 84 dB dynamic range
  • 12 dB transmit/receive gain or attenuation with 0.1 dB resolution
  • On/off-hook line voltage monitoring (1 V/bit)
  • Parallel handset/valid line detection
  • Off-hook loop current sensing (1.1 mA/bit)
  • On-hook line snooping with <5 µA current draw
  • Up to +6.0 dBm transmit/receive levels
  • Type I and II caller ID support
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