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Silicon Labs offers samples of our most popular devices at no charge to developers.

How to Buy or Sample Devices

Look for these buttons on the product matrix tab of product detail web pages and within the parametric search or competitive cross-reference search.


The Sample button within the parametric table on the Product Matrix tab of a product detail page indicates that you can order free samples of that particular part. Click on the Sample button to add to your cart.


If a product can be ordered online, a Buy button will appear next to the part number within the parametric table on the Product Matrix tab of a product detail page. Click on the Buy button to add to your cart.


Products that offer custom samples, e.g., clock and oscillator custom devices, are indicated by the Custom button. Click on the button next to the appropriate part number to specify your requirements.

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Sample Program Frequently Asked Questions 

What products can I order?
All microcontrollers, Ethernet controllers, USB to UART ICs, and XOs/VCXOs devices in production are part of the Sample Program. However, development kits, evaluation boards and reference design kits are not included in the program.
How much do the samples cost?
The samples, including shipping, handling and any applicable taxes, are offered at no charge. Some additional duties and charges may be billed to the customer in certain countries.
How many samples can I order?
In order to provide free samples it is necessary to limit the number of requests. Up to four unique items can be requested on a single order with a maximum limit of eight sample parts per order. Finally, there is a frequency limit of three orders in a 30-day period.
How can I check the status of my order?
An automatic email will be sent to you with the status of your order and a tracking number if applicable.
Why was my order refused?
Silicon Laboratories Inc. reserves the right to evaluate all sample requests prior to fulfillment. In the event your order is refused, you will be notified by email.
I ordered the wrong samples. How do I return or exchange them?
Because samples are offered at no charge, they cannot be returned.
How long will it take to get the samples?
It usually takes three days to receive the parts from the day the order was placed; however, unforeseen shipping delays may occur.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my order?
Email or call the Silicon Labs' Direct hotline for all questions about sample or buy orders placed using the Silicon Labs' Direct shopping cart.
Due to the taxes and duties imposed on sample orders shipping to India our on-line sample program is unable to fulfill these orders. To obtain samples in India, please contact Silicon Labs directly at