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USB connectivity further simplified with CP2102N USB to UART bridge devices and Xpress configurator

USBXpress Bridge Portfolio

Part Number Description Package Evaluation/Development Kit
CP2102N NEW USBXpress USB to UART Bridge QFN20/24/28 CP2102N-EK
CP2101 USB to UART Bridge QFN28
​CP2102 USB to UART Bridge ​QFN28 CP2102EK
CP2103 USB to UART Bridge ​QFN28 CP2103EK
​CP2104 USB to UART Bridge ​QFN24 ​CP2104EK or CP2104-MINIEK
CP2105 ​USB to Dual UART Bridge ​QFN24 ​CP2105EK
CP2108 ​USB to Quad UART Bridge ​QFN64 CP2108EK
CP2109 USB to UART Bridge QFN28 CP2102EK
CP2110 HID USB to UART Bridge QFN24/QFN28 CP2110EK
CP2112 HID USB to SMBus/I2C Bridge QFN24 CP2112EK
CP2114 USB to I2S Digital Audio Bridge​ QFN32​ CP2114EK​
CP2130 USB to SPI Bridge QFN24 CP2130EK
CP2614 MFi Accessory Digital Audio Bridge QFN32 MFI-SL-CP2614-EK

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