USB to UART Bridge

The high-performance, low cost CP21xx USB to UART bridge family offers a complete plug and play interface solution that includes royalty-free driver suites and a comprehensive design ecosystem that enables customers to speed time-to-market. Crystal-less operation, in-system programming memory and small body size packages reduce cost, simplify design and shorten development time.


  • USB 2.0 compliant, full-speed (12 Mbps)
  • No external crystal required
  • Up to 1024 Bytes of EEPROM or OTP ROM
  • User-programmable custom Baud rates
  • Supports all modem interface signals
  • Baud Rates: up to 2 Mbps
  • Industrial temperature –40 to +85 °C


  • USB to RS-232 converters
  • USB to Dual RS-232 converters
  • USB to RS-422/RS-485 converters
  • Upgrade of legacy RS-232 devices
  • PDA USB interface cable
  • Cellular phone USB interface cable
  • Barcode readers
  • POS terminals
  • PC peripherals
  • USB converter


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Data Sheet (11)

Data Short (8)

CP2101 Data Short
9.14.2005383 kB
CP2102 Data Short
9.6.2005399 kB
CP2102/9 Data Short
3.14.20133/26/201350 kB
CP2103 Data Short
10.27.2005384 kB
CP2104 Data Short
11.05.1011/30/201090 kB
CP2105 Data Short
11.05.1011/30/201091 kB
CP2108 Data Short
11.06.1211/29/201280 kB
CP2110 Data Short
11.05.1011/30/201087 kB

Errata (6)

CP2102 Rev B Errata
CP2102ERB10210430 kB
CP2103 Rev D Errata
CP2103ERD07120644 kB
CP2104 Errata
08.22.128/23/201245 kB
CP2105 Errata
08.22.128/23/201239 kB
CP2110 Errata
08.22.128/23/201288 kB
USB Timeout Errata
0131113/30/201143 kB

User Guides (7)

CP2101-EK User Guide
0.97/17/2013218 kB
CP2102-EK User Guide
0.57/17/2013222 kB
CP2103-EK User Guide
0.411/16/2010213 kB
CP2104-EK User's Guide
0.77/17/2013218 kB
CP2105-EK User's Guide
0.57/17/2013261 kB
CP2108-EK User's Guide
0.211/29/2012233 kB
CP2110-EK User's Guide
0.37/17/2013288 kB

Quick Start Guide (3)

CP2108-EK Quick-Start Guide
0.111/29/2012593 kB
CP210x-EK Quick-Start Guide
0.27/16/2013488 kB
CP2110-EK Quick-Start Guide
0.310/21/2013550 kB

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Design Tools

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Software (20)

Schematics/Layout (12)

Models (3)

CP2102/3 IBIS Model
1.041 kB
CP2104 IBIS Model
1.0573 kB
CP2105 IBIS Model
1.0586 kB

Drivers (4)

Linux 2.6.x VCP Driver
9/9/201438 kB
Linux 2.6.x VCP Revision History
9/9/20141 kB
Linux 3.x.x VCP Driver
9/9/201438 kB
Linux 3.x.x VCP Revision History
9/9/20141 kB

Training (1)

CP21xx USB Bridge Overview
1517 kB
Product Matrix
Part NumberOtherPackage TypePackage SizeEval KitDig I/O PinsInternal OscillatorCommunicationsEEPROMFIFO
CP2101VREGQFN285x5 mmYesUSB to UART Bridge5121 kB
CP2102VREGQFN285x5 mmCP2102EK
YesUSB to UART Bridge10241 kB
CP2103RS485; VREGQFN285x5 mmCP2103EK
4YesUSB to UART Bridge10241 kB
CP2104RS485; Split VDDIO; VREGQFN244x4 mmCP2104EK
4YesUART to UART Bridge10241152 B
CP2105RS485; Split VDDIO; VREGQFN244x4 mmCP2105EK
5YesUSB to Dual UART Bridge296608 B
CP2108RS485QFN649x9 mmCP2108EK
16YesUSB to Quad UART Bridge10241536 B
CP2109VREGQFN285x5 mmCP2102EK
YesUART to UART Bridge10241 kB
CP2110RS485; Split VDDIO; VREGQFN244x4 mmCP2110EK
10YesHID USB to UART Bridge343960 B

    CP21xx USB to UART Bridge

    The CP21xx USB to UART bridge devices include a complete USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, bridge control logic and a UART interface with transmit/receive buffers and modem handshake signals. These devices also feature onboard EEPROM, a voltage regulator, a USB transceiver and an integrated internal oscillator, eliminating external components generally required in USB applications.
    • Support for 1, 2 o​r 4 UARTs
    • Easily implement USB in your designs
    • Pre-programmed with all the necessary USB software
    • No need to be familiar with the USB specification
    • Seamless compatibility with most operating systems
    • Evaluation kits available to support your design, including a complete USB to RS-232 evaluation board and royalty-free device drivers
    • USBXpress® development kit includes support for USB to UART devices

    Related Products

    The CP21xx family also includes the industry's first HID USB to SMBus/I2C bridge that allows instant communication with most operating systems without installing any drivers.

    Vendor ID (VID) / Product ID (PID)

    Customers may use their own vendor ID (VID) , or they may use the Silicon Labs VID for USB products. If the Silicon Labs VID is used, the customer must request a unique product ID (PID).


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