Products and Solutions for A More Connected World

At Silicon Labs, we believe in the promise of a More Connected World in which silicon, software and solutions enable end products that make us healthier, safer and smarter.
Silicon Labs provides a portfolio of connected, energy-friendly solutions to enable applications that change lives and transform industries. Backed by world-class manufacturing and customer support, all of our solutions are built using standard process technology.
Technology has become interwoven with our daily lives, driving incessant demand for mixed-signal IC solutions that enable the analog world we live in to interact with the digital world of computing. These devices are found everywhere, in portable electronics, cars, appliances, and homes.
By staying focused on the mixed-signal opportunity, Silicon Labs has been able to establish a portfolio of IP and trade secrets that has been behind products able to uniquely solve the challenges mixed-signal introduces into a system. These mixed-signal IC solutions leverage our capability to provide market-leading integration without performance compromises.
The result is a portfolio of mixed-signal IC technologies that enable lower power, better sensitivity, better range, better selectivity, new features, and lower system cost.