Quality, Social & Environmental

At Silicon Labs, world-class quality, social and environmental standards are a part of everything we do. Silicon Labs employs strict process controls and continual improvement to our quality, social and environmental management systems. As a fabless semiconductor company, we also expect the highest standards from our manufacturing partners, ensuring the delivery of highly reliable, mixed-signal solutions to our customers.

Quality Policy

Silicon Labs is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction. We accomplish Total Customer Satisfaction by
  • Providing excellent products, support and service
  • Exceeding customer needs and requirements
  • Meeting the requirements of and continually improving our world-class quality management system and its processes

Environmental Policy

At Silicon Labs we manage environmental matters as an integral part of our business by our commitment to
  • Continually improve our environmental performance and pollution prevention,
  • Complying with applicable legal and other requirements that relate to our environmental aspects, and
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Silicon Labs is committed to complying with Legislation regarding the reporting of the use of "Conflict Metals".

Silicon Labs Conflict Minerals Statement


ISO Standards Registration

Silicon Labs has been registered to ISO 9001 since June 2000; to ISO 14001 since December 2006 and is committed to excellence in our quality and environmental performance. That commitment is demonstrated by extensive product and process qualification. Each product goes through extensive qualification testing prior to production release. Silicon Labs qualifies integrated circuit (IC) products following JEDEC JESD47, Stress Test Driven Qualification of Integrated Circuits.
Silicon Labs maintained certification to ISO/TS 16949 from January 2008 to October 2014. Due to a change in the ISO/TS 16949 certification eligibility requirements in 2013, fabless semiconductor companies are no longer eligible for certification. Silicon Labs will remain compliant to ISO/TS 16949 and continues to be audited to this standard during both internal and external annual audit cycles. Silicon Labs’ automotive products meet AEC-Q100 qualification and only use ISO/TS 16949 certified suppliers.

Silicon Labs ISO 9001 Certificate

Silicon Labs ISO 14001 Certificate

Silicon Labs ISO/TS 16949 Compliant

Quality and Reliability Monitor Report

We are pleased to share our latest quality and reliability performance data for estimates of shipped product quality and reliability monitoring results. This data is collected on a continual basis as qualification, production and reliability monitors are completed.

Quality and Reliability Monitor Report


Green / Eco Partner Certification

Sony has certified Silicon Labs as a Green Partner, Samsung has certified Silicon Labs as an Eco-Partner and Huawei has issued a Green Partner Award.  

Sony Green Partner

Samsung Eco-Partner

Silicon Laboratories International PTE. LTD
Certificate Number: HW-GP-0077
Location of sites: USA
Issued Date 2013-09
Expiry Date: 2015-09
(It will remain valid until renewal audit)


Environmental Awards

City of Austin WasteSmart Environmental AwardCity of Austin Green Business Leader Gold 

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Austin facilities)

Silicon Labs’ emissions of greenhouse gas (calculated in terms of CO2e) totaled approximately 4000 metric tons annually. The emissions are related to energy consumption. Our emissions are below Federal Greenhouse Gas reporting requirements (25,000 metric tons CO2e/year).
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Chart