Secure, Intelligent Wireless Technology
for a More Connected World


As the proven, leading supplier for all major IoT ecosystems, Silicon Labs has deployed more than one billion wireless chips for the Internet of Things. We have the silicon, software and tools for speedy development of smart home, commercial, consumer and industrial applications. take advantage of our expertise in mesh technology and multiprotocol coexistence to deliver advanced, secure wireless solutions for the IoT.Ready to get started?

Let's build a smarter, more secure, connected world together. Pick your protocol. 

The Standards, Protocols, and Technologies Driving the IoT

As a leader in intelligent wireless technology, we’re taking an active role in driving forward the technologies shaping connectivity around the world.  Our integrated hardware and software platform and intuitive development tools, coupled with our focus on a unified IoT, makes life easier for developers so they can focus less on complex wireless challenges and more on innovation.  

Energy-Friendly MCUs and Power Management, Intelligent Sensors, and Mixed-Signal ICs

Our broad portfolio of non-wireless development tools include ultra-low power MCUs for consumer and industrial applications as well as a suite of sensors, ICs, and power management devices for a wide range of use cases.


Our mission is to help developers build a more connected world, and simplifying development so developers can get to market as quickly as possible is critical. Our services include Custom Part Manufacturing Service (CPMS) - offering secure provisioning services to customize products with the most advanced security – and Long-Term SDK Support Service (LTSSS) – for long-term software and device certification.

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