Community Points and Levels

The Red Planet has been designed first and foremost to be helpful, but we also want it to be fun and engaging. Active participation in discussions and interaction will enhance our community and foster collaboration. We strongly encourage you to engage in interesting discussions and share your ideas in the community. As you participate, you’ll receive points from us to level-up your rank and be recognized as community experts through leaderboards, badges, and featured member blog posts.

The community rank starts with Level 1 and goes up to Level 7. This ranking structure helps members easily recognize top contributors. As a new member, your rank will be Level 1 and you can earn points over time.

Rank Icon
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7

How to Earn Points 

Your participation is critical to earning points, and we especially appreciate that you help other users with valuable solutions and replies. Therefore, the point system is designed to recognize "Mark as Answered" designations and "Votes" and we encourage users to use these features whenever you find a solution or feedback from other community members useful.

Mark as Answered 5
Vote Received/Given

Pathfinder Program

The Pathfinder program is designed to recognize community participants and experts for voluntarily sharing their knowledge to make the Silicon Labs Community a valuable resource. If you are interested in participating in the Pathfinder program or know someone who might be, please contact the community manager at

Learn more about the Pathfinder Program here.

We may update the ranking system and recognition program based on your feedback and experience and will inform any update on this page in the future. 

Thank you for making the Red Planet a healthier and more active space. Happy Exploring!