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      • I lead the Silicon Labs Bluetooth marketing. Ask Me Anything.

        MikkoSavolainen | 07/191/2017 | 08:20 AM




        I’m Mikko, a senior marketing manager responsible for Bluetooth products at Silicon Labs and I’m excited to introduce our new Bluetooth 5 portfolio. These products help designers implement Bluetooth 5 compliant products and applications fast.


        I’m here to answer any questions about the Blue Gecko Bluetooth SoC, Modules or Software, Bluetooth 5 or any other Bluetooth related topics so ask me anything!


        I will check your questions once a day and answer them until 21st July.


        - M i k k o

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      • I lead the Silicon Labs IoT Business. Ask Me Anything.

        DanielCooley | 08/221/2016 | 12:30 PM

        Hi Everyone, I'm the SVP/GM responsible for all MCU, Wireless, and Sensor Products at Silicon Labs. This includes everything from high level strategy down to all product roadmaps and features. I want to make myself available to the community to ask questions. As they come in, I'll respond to them here. I'll answer all questions through the end of August.


        Have fun.


        [edit: I'm going to log on 1-2x per day and answer questions until the end of August]

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