2016 has been a great year, with lots of exciting news, events, and campaigns to keep us busy. As 2017 approaches we wanted to recap some of the highlights that made the Silicon Labs Community even better this year.





All-Time High Page Views and Registrations 


Did you know that more than 2 million pages were viewed and about 4,000 members registered for the community this year? Both are new records for the community. We want to say thank all of you for making this community friendly to new members and help them find answers!


new registrations.png


3 New Wireless Forum Boards


With the rapid growth of the Wireless forum in 2016, we decided to divide it into three sub-forums covering various Wireless solutions: Blutooth/Wi-Fi, Mesh, and Proprietary. Now it’s easier for you to find the right place to ask your questions and get them escalated to the right party faster. 




34 User-Generated Projects


At the heart of development are the design projects that lead to inspiration and creation. Throughout 2016, 34 projects were created by our internal and external community members. Check out some of the projects from the past year to get an idea for your next project:


Creating F1-Style Race Starting Lights with EZR32 Wireless MCUs

EFR32WG Range Test

Blue Gecko Digital Tokens

Portable sensor logger with LCD, Bluetooth LE & cloud connection

Thunderboard Sense kit Sound Alarm and notification in Telegram

IoT demo using Thunderboard




15 IoT Hero Stories 


Since kicking off IoT Hero Series in May 2015, 28 IoT heroes have been interviewed and 15 of them were featured in the community this year as blog posts. These IoT Heroes are the innovators behind creating real-world IoT applications based on Silicon Labs’ parts.


Check out the IoT Hero Series here.




Community Member Spotlight


In addition to the IoT Heroes, we also featured selected community members each month. We started featuring community members who are active or new to the community on a monthly basis to help members connect each other.


Special thanks to, @rev, @sureshjoshi, @Timur, @klangdon79, @operator, @hollie, @spiritonline, @Yuriy, and @Scotty for being featured members of 2016 and sharing your thoughts on Silicon Labs’ products and the community!


If you haven’t met the featured members yet, please follow the link here to read their stories. 


monthly member spotlight.png


Product Launches


In 2016, exciting new products and software solutions have been added to our portfolio. The multi-protocol Wireless SoC families such as Blue Gecko, Flex Gecko, and Mighty Gecko were launched to help developers create multitude of IoT applications such as connected home, lighting, building automation, wearables, and start metering. Read the announcement here.


The Wizard Gecko was created for applications where leading RF performance, low power consumption and fast time to market are key requirements. Read the announcement here.


To help you bring your IoT product ideas to life, Thunderboard React, the small demo board was introduced as well. Read the announcement here.


Lastly, an upgraded version of Simplicity Studio 4 was announced through the community with a series of useful training videos. You can find the announcement here.


We will continue to update existing product offerings and introduce new solutions in 2017. So please stay tuned for an update!


Wireless Gecko announcement.png


Community Super Users


As we sum up 2016, we want to take this opportunity to give our sincerest thanks to the active super users who achieved the three highest community ranks (See how our ranking system works here). By the end of 2016, we have 21 Hero members, 2 Master members and 1 Legend member.


A special mention goes to @erikm, our first ever Legend rank holder. He has been an active member of the community for 13 years. Congratulations, Erik, and thanks for your contribution.


The Silicon Labs team wants to let all of you know that we appreciate you for keeping the community active and valuable.


super hero2.png


Whether you just visited the community once or became a super user, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for making the community greater this year. Without your participation and engagement, it was not possible to achieve all the highlights and milestones mentioned above.


Lastly, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the community in 2017.


Happy holidays!



Nari Shin | Community Manager

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