Steven Cooreman is originally from Belgium and was introduced to Silicon Labs as an exchange student at Olin College near Boston. Cooreman obtained his MSc Electronics at Group T International College, Leuven in Belgium. The Boston team spoke highly of him and recommended he join the team in Oslo. Cooreman started at Silicon Labs in August 2014 as an NCG and Software Engineer.



In March 2016, Cooreman was promoted to Software Engineering Manager on the 32-bit MCU Software team. Cooreman said he appreciates creating software that’s being actively used by more than a thousand makers while still participating in workshops, writing articles and interacting with students. Cooreman’s currently working on mbedOs which allows him to collaborate closely with ARM.

Cooreman’s manager, Marius Grannæs described him as a quick learner. “He’s able to jump into new problems very quickly so he can help when problems arise. He’s also arranged a few social events for the group,” Grannæs said. Cooreman even took the initiative to study Norwegian at the University of Oslo, and after only one year in Norway, he speaks the language fluently.

When asked about his working at Silicon Labs, Cooreman said, “The open culture and the level of camaraderie I see every day at work. While we may forget about it after time, it really is a rare thing to have in a global company and something to be proud of and conserve!”

We always like to throw in a fun question during our employee spotlight interviews, so we asked Cooreman, if he could have any superpower, what would it be and why? His response: “I would get a superpower that gets rid of any and all weapons (including superpowers). That people feel the need to do harm to others, is something I just can’t wrap my head around. Let’s live in peace and build a better future for those coming after us, not a worse one.”


We think you’re super Steven Cooreman, and we’re glad to have you on the Silicon Labs team. Thank you for all that you do!


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