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Meet our August member of the month: Ivan_Dousa




Q: Congrats on becoming our featured member of the month! Can you introduce yourself to our community members?



My name is Ivan Dousa, I'm an Electrical Engineer at TireCheck company located in Prague, Czech Republic. I'm responsible for the development of new electronic devices intended for tire inspection and tire performance monitoring. The design of electronic devices and embedded programming is also my hobby from the time I have studied at a high school. I really enjoy the creative process of building a new electronic device, breathing a new life into it by writing and embedded software and improving the device performance and capabilities based on the application needs and customer request. It's a great magic.


Q: How did you know about the Silicon Labs Community?


We have discovered the Silicon Labs Community at the time when we were evaluating a Bluetooth solution from different manufacturers for our new products. That time we were also looking for some information about the Silicon Labs solution and we have discovered that Silicon Labs Community could provide us a lot of useful information. We were able to find their answers to most of our questions, information about user experience with the product and also all device documentation. Since that time we use it regularly. It is also the right place where we can report any bug or functionality issue observed on Silicon Labs product and where we can get in touch directly with Silicon Labs employees that are willing to help.


Q: What features, products, services would you like to see in the future from Silicon Labs?


I think that Silicon Labs provides great and well-documented products. In addition there is a large Knowledge base and Forum where you can find a answer to most questions. You can also ask there any question directly to Silicon Labs employees or other community members. I think it works very well. Anyway, sometimes it happens that not all documentation provided by Silicon Labs is up-to-date. This is the point that could be improved.


Q: What advice would you give to someone new to the community?


Silicon Labs Community is a good place to find information about Silicon Labs products and solutions. You can meet many smart people that work with Silicon Labs products, have a lot of experience with them and that are willing to help you. If there is a question you were not able to answer based on the available documentation or any existing forum topic, don't worry to ask. If the question is clearly formulated it will be answered shortly.


Q: Thanks for answering the questions. Any final comment?


I'm looking forward for many new, interesting and innovative products and solutions from Silicon Labs.


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