Arun Manickaraj joined Silicon Labs as a New College Grad (NCG) in July 2014 after serving as a Product Test Engineer Intern. In his current position as Operations Analyst II on the Operations team in Singapore, Manickaraj is responsible for building reports and dashboards and providing data for ad-hoc analysis by the management team and end users. Manickaraj’s supervisor, Albert Chee, said, “Arun is helpful, responsive and can provide solutions quickly. He is a great asset to the Ops Team and has much growth potential.”




“The make and break of a company depends on the people working together to build it,” said Manickaraj. He had a very welcoming experience as an intern and NCG and said, “The culture of grooming and growing newcomers is embedded deep into the DNA of the company and I stand as a testament to it.” His favorite Silicon Labs value is “Do the right thing,” which he believes includes everything from “hiring the right set of people, placing then in the right job roles, setting the right priorities based on customers, providing the right work-life balance and giving back to the community in the right way.”


Manickaraj also serves as the chairman of the SLI Recreation Committee, allowing him to create volunteer, wellness and employee engagement activities for all SLI employees. He said, “Even though I was a newbie, I was given the opportunity to take up such leadership roles and was given ample support and guidance by my organization. I am ever grateful to my peers for recognizing my leadership skills and my team for supporting me throughout.”


When asked where he would live if he could live anywhere in the world, Manickaraj said he would love to live a peaceful life in New Zealand. He continued, “It is the best untouched country on this plant…Being a wanderlust myself, I would love to go on backpacking trips to explore [its] extremely wonderful scenic beauty.”


Arun Manickaraj, thank you for your hard work and commitment to Silicon Labs. We are proud to have you on our team!


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