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      • Is it possible to use the CP2114 on PS4 ?

        yucheng | 01/12/2018 | 01:47 AM

        The CP2114 is a bridge product which can transfer audio data from USB to I2S without any code development. CP2114 is a USB audio device which support USB Audio Class v1.0, and this class should be natively supported by all major operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android).

        The native operating system of the PlayStation 4 is Orbis OS, which is a fork of FreeBSD version 9.0 that also provides support for USB audio class natively. So the CP2114 can be used as an USB Digital Audio Out/ In device on PS4.

      • Identify the CP210x VCP driver version installed on Mac OSX

        PhillipB | 12/355/2017 | 06:16 PM


        I just installed the latest USB to UART Bridge Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers on my Mac OSX computer, but system info still depicts the driver version as 1.00.  Why?



        Verifying the driver version number on Mac OSX requires some extra steps.  For example, on a MacBook Pro the System Information (or System Profiler) utility may reveal something like this:



        At first glance, it appears that the system is using driver version 1.00 to interact with the attached CP2102.  However, the version "1.00" string appearing here does not refer to the driver version - it instead refers to the variant of the set of USB descriptors returned to the OS during the enumeration process that occurs between the CP2102 and the USB Host controller when first connected.

        On a Mac, the actual VCP driver version string can be found within some text files - typically located at a path like 

        Macintosh HD/Library/Extensions/SiLabsUSBDriver.kext/Contents

        At this location resides a file of type "*.plist", which is really a text file (with XML content formatting) that you can view in a text editor (textedit).  Within this file you'll see elements like "Version 5.0" - these references do indeed indicate the version of the driver installed on your system.

      • CP2200 compatibility with IPV6

        jstine | 12/345/2017 | 11:52 AM
        The CP2200 provides the MAC and PHY layer of ethernet.  These layers are not aware of which version of the Internet Protocol is being used.  The CP2200 can be used with IPV6, it is the responsibility of the software stack to implement IPV6.
      • Windows reset prompt when installing drivers

        jstine | 12/345/2017 | 10:53 AM


        Can the CP210x VCP drivers be installed in a way that prevents Windows from prompting for a reboot?


        The requirement to reboot is determined by the operating system as system and driver files may be locked during the driver installation.  A reboot may be required to unlock these files for driver update.

      • CP2614 does not recover from mute

        marao | 12/341/2017 | 01:49 PM

        Problem Description

        Once the CP2614 evaluation board's volume is muted, sometimes turning the volume back up fails. No audio is heard when the volume is turned up.


        This is a known bug, and the errata for the CP2614 will be updated soon to reflect this. Meanwhile, the workaround is to redo the mute/unmute to get the volume working again. This will be fixed in the next revision of the CP2614. 


      • How to retrieve CPT112S event packets through I2C

        Jiehui | 12/341/2017 | 02:41 AM

        Every qualified event detected by the CPT112S capacitive sensing input engine generates a single 4-byte packet that can be retrieved by the host processor over the event buffer I2C interface, the event packet is transmitted MSB first.

        The device's I2C slave address is configurable through the configuration profile, by default, the address is 0xE0. The device will ACK its slave address only when the interrupt pin is low, signalling that a packet is ready to be read by the host. If the interrupt pin is logic high, the device will not ACK its slave address.


      • I have configured the CPT212B's slave address, but it's not responding to that address. What went wrong?

        Alan_S | 12/339/2017 | 07:04 PM

        When the device comes out of reset and has not been commanded to enter sensing mode, the device responds to the slave address 0xC0. Additionally, the device will only respond to commands with address 0xC0 if the host drives the interrupt pin low, using the pin as a chip select.

        In sensing mode, the device responds to I2C transactions addressed to the slave address stored in the configuration profile.

      • CPT112S I2C slave address

        delu | 11/312/2017 | 08:59 PM


        What's the I2C slave device address for CPT112S?


        The I2C slave address is able to be customized for CPT112S. User can use Xpress Configurator which integrated in Simplicity Studio v4 to customize the I2C address. The default address is 0xE0. The address requires no shifting (i.e. the 7-bit address is already left-justified).


        Silicon Labs provides example codes to communicate with CP112S for EFM32 and EFM8 devices (run as I2C master). User can get the example code from following path once installed Simplicity Studio. 

        Take the EFM8BB3 STK as example:


        Take the EFM32PG STK as example:





      • Interface Device Availability and Longevity

        delu | 10/303/2017 | 11:59 PM


        I am concerned about the device I am using being discontinued (end of life or EOL). Is there information about product life anywhere on your website?


        The following page on our website lists the minimum longevity of our interface products: