Attached to this article is an Excel spreadsheet describing all bytefields within the CP2102N's configuration array. This array is used to program the device using the  CP210x_SetConfig command and retrieved by the CP210x_GetConfig command in the CP210x_Manufacturing.dll.


This table lists the following attributes for each entry in the array:

  • Property ID - the ID used internally by Xpress Configurator for this field
  • Label - the "User Friendly" label that is usually displayed in the Xpress Configurator UI
  • Length - the length of the field in bytes or bits
  • Offset - the offset of the field from the beginning of the configuration structure
  • Default Value - the default value of the field

For example, here is the first entry in the table:


Property ID Label Length Offset Default Value
cp2102n.configSize Config Size 2 byte(s) 0 0x02A6


Any user settable properties are marked with the label "USER". Other properties are grayed-out, and should be left at their default values.

The last entry of the table is the Fletcher Checksum of the rest of the array. Details on how to calculate this are here:


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