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Format DIP40

Xilinx ZYNQ-7000 SoC

Sensor: Si1143


Si1143 Sensor is clearly visible. There are 2 IR LED and one Red LED connected to the Si1143.


More info and documentation is coming, and Design sources will also be available.

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  • Bootloader working this was priority #1, now can hopefully test the Proximity Sensor as well!

  • Cool. Took me a while to figure out what a propeller was, so a tip is maybe to include a quick description of what a propeller is and why you want to make a soft propellerRobot Happy


    What are you using he sensors for? I guess gesture sensing, but I couldn't see the original DIP-40 propeller having that Robot tongue

  • Hi the initial REV 1 assembly batch had the sensor and IR leds not fitter, after the first 4 pieces all new ones have the sensor and IR leds assembled. 


    I only have did read out the silabs sensor id, not much more has been done. Idea was that the bootloader will check the sensor and optionally decide how and what to boot..


    There can be way more use of the sensor later