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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Low Power Design Contest and shared all the excellent projects with us! We appreciate the effort you all put in and if possible, we would want to reward you all. This is, however, a competition and we have to pick some winners.


You can find the attached feedback from the judges about the final submissions in the four categories: 

Low Power (40%), Usefulness (15%), Originality (25%), and Presentation (20%).


Summarizing all this, we are pleased to announce the winners of the low power design contest:



Please join us in congratulating the winners of the Low Power Contest. Congratulations!


Each of the winners will receive a follow-up email in five business days, with details on how to receive their prizes. Again, we thank all the participants who took part on the contest. It's great to know there are many cool EFM32-based projects out there. We hope to see more of your future projects in the community and wish you a great holiday! 


The Silicon Labs Team 


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  • Congratulations to the winners! I was up against some tough competition there Robot Happy

  • Congratulations to the 1st prize winners, you deserve it.  

  • Thank you all a lot! Congratulations to everyone successfully participating here! 


    It was really great for us to use the low-power features of this nice controller and to see that it also serves for a purpose it might not have been intented for in first place. Thanks, Silicon Labs! Man Happy

  • Thanks a lot to Silabs for sponsoring this contest, and to all the participants for the great results! This was a fun contest, and I surely learned a lot. Congratulations to the winner, this is a really cool project (and I will bookmark this or later reference).

  • Thank you! It has been an honour Robot Happy

  • Are other prize winners starting to get their packages yet? I know it's Christmas, but I'm starting to get a little worried.
  • I got told that shipping will happen next year. Throughout Europe between Christmas and New Years Eve everybody is on vacation typically.

  • Got my Energy Harvesting Kit.   Thanks for sending that out.


    My first impressions:


    -  The clear case it is packaged in:  awesome.  Love it.

    -  Not sure why they would package a Giant Gecko with an energy harvester.  Seems like a Tiny Gecko would make more sense.   Except for the solar panel, maybe--I paired a Leopard Gecko with a solar panel in the contest, and that made perfect sense then.   Now it looks like I need to go get a Tiny Gecko and plug that in if I am going to use the Piezo element.

    -   Wish they had not tied up the Gecko's entire expansion header with the harvesting kit.  If they had used one of the side breakout pads and let me use the expansion header for my own purposes, my ramp-up speed to use this would have been much faster.