This program can use in a EFM32,EZR32, EFR32 MCU. The WDS generated script files and patch file can download with a simple terminal to the MCU and the program convert the data to Pro2 API code and send to the SPI bus to PRO2 chip. Complete API Command, Property  and Register read/write support.


The API command are here:


  • patch file download
  • WDS batch file download
  • Read Rx buffer
  • Read CMD buffer
  • Set IO ports
  • Read IO ports
  • Reset radio command
  • USB communication if hardware support it
  • Routed radio GPIO0/1 to PA0/1 (connector P30/31)

The Firmware

The program communicate with the Pro2 chip over SPI bus and the PC over Uart or USB. The pc side needs a terminal program like Robot tongueUTTY The serial protocol supports the ANSI/ VT100 Terminal ESC sequences. The terminal settings are the following:

  • Flow control: RTS/CTS
  • Baud rate: 57600
  • 8 data, no parity, 1 stop bits
  • Terminal type ANSI or VT100

The command line can edit with ‘Backspace/Home/End’ or ‘Left/Right’ cursor keys. The command line must be closed by ‘Enter’. The program trims all special character except the underscore“_” The excepted character list: “0-9”, “a-z”, “A-Z”, “space” and “_”.


I attached the detailed documentacion and the Bin file.

Just donwload the program into the Radio board flash.

It is an first version if you found a bug please report to me!

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