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      • Win an EZR32 Wireless MCU Starter Kit!

        Nari Shin | 04/113/2015 | 11:35 AM


        The EZR32 wireless starter kit (WSTK) is an excellent starting point to get familiar with the EZR32 wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) and provides a complete development platform for the EZR32LG and EZR32WG Wireless MCUs. The wireless starter kit platform consists of a mainboard and an interchangeable radio board featuring variants of the EZR32 family. It also contains sensors and peripherals used for demonstrating many of the EZR32 wireless MCU's wireless and low power capabilities.


        Key features of the WSTK:
        • EZR32 radio board

        Ethernet and USB connectivity 

        • Advanced Energy Monitoring
        • SEGGER J-Link OB debugger
        • SI7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor
        • Ultra low power 128 x 128 pixel memory LC
        • And more…


        3 winners with the best ideas will receive an EZR32 wireless starter kit from us and will be invited to write a review blog post about the kit to help other developers get started easily. 


        So, how to participate in the contest? 


        Take a look at the two WSTK pages below and share your project idea with us by leaving a comment below. We would like to hear what you want to build/test with one of the EZR32 kits and why. (Only 1 entry per user) Our wireless team will be judging the entries based on relevance and creativity. 



        # of winners: 3

        Prize: 1 x EZR32 WSTK (winners can pick one of the two EZR32 WSTKs)

        Contest Period: 23 Apr - 1 May, 2015



        By entering the contest you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Silicon Labs Contest Terms and Conditions 

      • Little Car Box

        michael_k | 04/95/2015 | 12:50 PM

        I recently ordered a two digit LCD and a few other parts for a little future project. However I was surprised as I got the package today. So I thought I could start with this little project earlier as I thought. I wanted to build a little box for my car, which displays the battery voltage and the current temperature. Since the display has only two digits I also need to add a push button to toggle between the voltage and the temperature.


        I used the EFM32TG822F32 for which I built a little adapter board in the past so I can use the EFM32 easily on a breadboard. In the past I always used my own easier to use EFM32 library. However I thought that I want to try the energyAware Designer and the emlib in this project.


        First I built the hardware so I can test the LCD. I also built the LCD into a little box. Then I soldered the EFM32 DIL adpater onto a small board and wired it up to the display.




        After this I configured all the pins with the energyAware Desinger and wrote the first few lines of code so I can at least turn on one segment on the display. Then I soldered a voltage divider and a LDO regulator onto the board to power the EFM32 over the car battery and to measure the input voltage. As I finished the hardware part I began to write the code for the ADC. Finally I finished the first part of my little project within one day.




        In the future I also want to add the temperature measurement.