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      • Touchless USB game-controller

        Alf | 06/162/2015 | 10:42 AM

        What do you get if you combine the world's most energy-friendly USB-enabled microcontroller with the Si1147 UV/IR/light sensor? The most amazing touchless game-controller for flappy bird.



        If you have never tried flappy bird, here’s the link: Basically the whole point is to flap your wings at the correct point to navigate through a series of Super Mario inspired pipes. In order to get the proper flappy feeling I decided to implement a game controller that would actually register proper flapping.


        Here’s a video from when I set it up in the office: 


        The hardware is the expansion board from the Zero Gecko starter kit, combined with the EFM32 Happy Gecko starter kit.


        The software is using the drivers for the Si1147, which is included in emlib and the USB-stack, also included with the Simplicity Studio distribution. It is basically a usbdhidkbd-example, that is modified to be a USB HID mouse instead, and set up to output mouse clicks when you advance your hand towards the sensor. It displays the distance graphically on the screen, along with the threshold you have to cross to make the controller issue a click.


        It has an adjustable threshold so you can fine tune the sensitivity on how much you need to move your hand for the application to register it, here’s a small demonstration on how that works. Note that every time the filled circle crosses the not-filled circle, a click is issued over USB:


        Materials used:

        Source files: 

      • Win an EFM32 Happy Gecko MCU Starter Kit!

        Nari Shin | 06/161/2015 | 09:56 PM


        The new EFM32 Happy Gecko MCU family is designed to deliver the low power USB power drain for a wide range of IoT applications including home and building automation, alarm and security systems, smart accessories and wearable devices. The Happy Gecko family is based on the ARM Cortex M0+ processor and supports wide range of sensors.

        Learn more about the Happy Gecko family


        In this contest, we are giving away a Happy Gecko kit (SLSTK3400A) to three winners and will be invited to write a review blog post about the kit to help other developers get started easily.


        So, how to participate in the contest?


        Take a look at the Happy Gecko pages below and share your project idea with us by leaving a comment below. We would like to hear what you want to build/test with the kit based on its key features and why. (Only 1 entry per user) Our MCU team will be judging the entries based on relevance and creativity.


        # of winners: 3

        Prize: 1 x Happy Gecko STK (SLSTK3400A)

        Contest period: 10 June – 24 June, 2015



        By entering the contest you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Silicon Labs Contest Terms and Conditions 

      • Pulse Mood based Music Player

        AnilPattni | 06/160/2015 | 11:08 PM

        This hack uses the Pulse sensor to detect heartbeat in BPM, transmit via BTLE to Android app and uses Spotify API to suggest music based on mood. Open to collaborating with anyone that has experience or suggestions.