The following steps should be followed to open a GIT repository within Simplicity Studio V3:


1. Install Studio V3 


2. Within Simplicity Studio, go to Settings:




3. You will need the following additional update sites in order for Simplicity Studio to successfully install EGit, so in your Settings/Preferences >> Install/Update >> Available Update Sites, add the following:




4. Now you should use the Ctrl+3 shortcut to open the shortcut window. Start typing Install New and click the link that shows up




 5. In the window that pops up, enter the following site - and make sure you uncheck the JGit option




 6. Hit Next, accept the terms and conditions, and then restart Simplicity Studio for the changes to take effect



 7. Once Simplicity Studio restarts again, open the Ctrl+3 shortcut menu. This time, type git in the space provided




 8. This opens the Git perspective. 












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