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     I am trying to connect the Thunderboard React Derby Carkit to Raspberry Pi3 using BlueZ Bluetooth stack.  After connecting i am not able to start the services to transfer the data from React Derby to Raspberry Pi3.


      Any suggestions are welcome.



M.S. Subramanian

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  • Hi,


    Do you mean that you can't discover the services? I suggest that you look into the GATT of the thunderboard software example to see which services you should subscribe to and their UUIDs. The data is most likely pushed to the client using notifications/indications so if you don't subscribe to those you won't receive anything.




  • Thanks. It works now.

  • Hello I am also trying to connect the Tunderboard React to a Raspberry Pi. Did you do it on Raspian ? What is BlueZ?
    Did you have to write your own app or is the data sent over bluetooth easy to read ?


  • I am using Raspberry Pi 3 B so it already has Bluetooth so I don't need BlueZ?, When I pair all I get is "this device has no services with can be used with Raspberry Pi"