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Hi all,

Openthread has support for Mighty Gecko Wireless Starter and Thunderboard Sense 2

Unfortunately I have only the first  Sense model 

 My question is : What are the differences between the  old sense model and the Thunderboard sense 2 related  to radio chip?

Maybe I can change some files and run Openthread on Thunderboard Sense



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  • Thunderboard Sense 1 has an EFR32MG1 with 256KB internal flash and 32KB RAM, whereas TBSense2 has an EFR32MG12 processor with 1024KB internal flash and 256KB RAM.  There is also an additional USART available on the MG12 processor, among other differences you can find in the data sheet.  Also note that the MG12 (in TBSense2) has a reserved 32KB bootloader area, whereas the MG1 (in TBSense original) uses the lower 16KB of the 256KB main flash to store the bootloader.



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  • @zigmaster

    Trying OT on EFR32MG21 KIT , BRD410A) 

    Joiner cant join commissioner Join failed [Security]

    However joiner can join a commissioner built using SL-Thread.

    Any solution here ?