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I'm currently using Thunderboard snese 2 and I want to send some information throught Sigfox Platform, I already have Wisol SFM10R1 as  Sigfox module,

I want to know how can I addapte this module with the Tb s2

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  • Hi,

    What is unclear for you?
    Hardware integration of dev kit and separate module is one question and how the communication is/should be done in software is another.
    Quick googling would indicate that your module has UART interface to drive it? Check the TBS2 user guide for the expansion header UART TX/RX pins. Driver documentation is available here.

  • Hi thanks for your reply, where can I find an example of UART connection for in simplicity studio?
  • Actually, you can take the available examples come with wireless SDK (e.g., Bluetooth) as starting point, and most of them have USART functionality support. And for more example about the peripherals, please see the peripheral_examples github repo.
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