To migrate a project from Bluetooth SDK 2.3.x to SDK 2.4.x follow the steps described below.


  1. Install SDK 2.4.x via Simplicity Studio Package Manager
  2. Go to Window->Preferences then select Simplicity Studio-> SDKs
  3. Disable older BLE SDK versionsdisable other BLE SDK.png
  4. OPTIONAL - You may use different workspace for the new SDK projects. In this case you need to import the project made with previous SDK to the new workspace. 
    For importing use the Eclipse built in importer. Go to File->Import.. then choose General->Existing projects into Workspace.Import.png 
    Enable the Copy projects into workspace option.

  5. Open the .isc file on your project folder with text editor. isc with text editor.png

  6. Add the sourceSampleAppId: soc-empty line to the file.
  7. Save and close the file.
  8. Double click on the .isc file and press generate on the GUI. Wait until generation finished.
  9. OPTIONAL – You may delete the excluded files from the project. These are grayed out by studio.exclude.png
  10. Open the main.c and remove the pre-processor directives start from #ifndef GENERATION_DONEremove gen done.png
  11. Now your project should build with the new 2.4.x SDK . 

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  • What's the best way to migrate an IAR project?  Is there an article like this available?

  • We don't have an article about this but it should be easy.

    Simply change the stack library and headers to the new ones.