Since you will only see the release notes once when you install the new version, here it is for reference:


Maximum data rate restriction based on XO frequency introduced in Range Test project

Help text added to Enable IQ calibration control

DSA detection offered in antenna diversity Rx mode on Si446x C2A/A2A revisions

PSM (Preamble Sense Mode) Rx mode configuration update

Description of Custom packet Rx with PSM project updated

New FW patch added for C2A Si446x revision that fixes a PSM related bug

New FW patch added for A2A Si446x revision in PSM Rx mode that fixes a PSM related bug

Auto frequency hop Rx configuration update when DSA is enabled

Introduced preamble pattern selection "Std. 1010 pattern (>= 16 and < 32 bits)" for DSA detection

Help text updated at Enable DSA control

Data rate and preamble length unit changed to ksps and sbytes, respectively  in 4(G)FSK mode for clarity

Description of Manual frequency hop Rx project updated

PSM (Preamble Sense Mode) Rx mode introduced

High power PA ramp down early shut off issue fixed

Labels updated on CRC check boxes in 802.15.4g bidirectional packet project

Manchester decoding on preamble restricted to no-standard preamble pattern selections

Manchester on Constant 1's or 0's control restricted to Tx projects only

Bit order radio button behavior changed on the Packet configuration to fix a Si446x B1B revision related bug

Non-standard preamble pattern byte order reversed to match over the air pattern with GUI

Direct Tx project configuration updated with matching Rx configurations

PA power level control made unavailable in the Range Test project



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