High-Performance, Carrier-Grade Timing Solutions

Solutions for Wireless and Network Communications

To meet the demand of increasing communication bandwidth, equipment is being deployed to deliver higher speed, higher performance and more flexible networks. This transition puts unique requirements on the clocks and oscillators used to provide timing and synchronization for the equipment responsible for switching, transporting, processing and storing network traffic. Silicon Labs provides low jitter, frequency flexible, easily customizable timing solutions that simplify design, minimize cost and improve system reliability.

Wireless Infrastructure

Build base stations that support current mobile subscriber needs and have the flexibility to adopt future standards for increasingly smaller cell networks with carrier-grade, single chip ICs from Silicon Labs.

Network Communications

Low jitter, frequency flexible, and easily customizable solutions simplify design and minimize costs of delivering high-performance network communication solutions.


5 Clock Tree Design Techniques to Optimize 10/25/40/56 Gb/s SerDes Performance for Networking and Data Centers

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