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Our leading IoT platform can help you quickly create secure, intelligent connected devices that solve the world's biggest challenges. 
We “Work With” the industry’s widest range of protocols and ecosystems so you can quickly get to market with integrated devices for any application.


Broad portfolio of cutting-edge Systems ob Chip (SoC) and modules



  32-bit MCUs

  8-bit MCUs




Robust edge-to-cloud software and intuitive developer tools






   APIs and SDKs

   GitHub Repositories

   Micrium OS


Wireless protocol portfolio with unmatched breadth and depth











Have a Development Challenge? We Have a Solution 


Our IoT portfolio supports the most number of wireless protocols in the industry. Let us help you find the right one.

The security landscape continues to evolve. In this whitepaper, we teach you how cyber attacks on IoT devices have changed regulations being developed to ensure products are “reasonably” secure. 

Innovation is in Our DNA

We're proud to be a top code contributor to Matter, an industry-unifying standard aiming to ensure reliable, secure connectivity across all IoT devices and networks. 

Learn why ARM gave us the first PSA level 3 security certification for a wireless IoT solution and how you can leverage the tech.


Fun Fact: Today the average person owns 6 connected devices. 

In the next decade, that number is expected to jump to >50!

Connecting Cities, Homes, Shops, Healthcare and More to Make Measurable Improvements

Smart Home

Industrial & Commercial

Internet of Things

Home & Life



Join the Thousands of IoT Developers Connecting Online and IRL

Our network of industry experts, enthusiasts, and makers collaboratively solve problems, share code, discuss industry trends,  and learn from each other. 

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