Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Smart SiP Module Wireless Starter Kit for BGM121, BGM123 and BGM111


The Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Module Wireless Starter Kit for BGM121 and BGM123 SiP modules and BGM111 module is the easiest and fastest way to start evaluation and development of your own Bluetooth Smart applications. The wireless starter kit comes with the Bluetooth Smart module radio board, a main board with coin-cell battery holder, USB and Ethernet connections, display and connections to all the modules peripheral interfaces as well an extension board with additional peripherals like an accelerometer.

With the kit you also get Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth Smart software SDK, with example applications, documentation and other resources to get started with your own development.

Hardware and Software Features

Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kit Contents:

  • BGM111 Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart module radio board (BRD4300A)
  • BGM121 Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart SiP module radio board (BRD4302A)
  • Wireless Starter Kit main board

Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kit Features:

  • Sensor: temperature, humidity, accelerometer
  • UI: Display, buttons, LEDs, joystick
  • PC connectivity: USB 
  • Battery or USB powered

Bluetooth Smart Ready Software:

  • BGScript™ development tools and example code
  • BGLIB™ source code and example applications
  • Profile Toolkit™ for building profiles
  • iOS and Android applications

Compatible Radio Boards

Radio Board User Guide Bluetooth Proprietary 2.4 GHz Proprietary Sub-GHz Output Power (dBm) Included Device SoC/Module Price (USD) Add to Cart
SLWRB4100A Yes Yes No +10.5  EFR32BG1P232F256GM48 SoC $19 EFR32BG SLWRB4100A Radio Board
SLWRB4103A NEW   Yes Yes No +10 EFR32BG12P332F1024GL125 SoC $49 EFR32BG SLWRB4103A Radio Board
SLWRB4300A Yes No No +8  BGM111 Module $19 SLWRB4300A Dual Band Radio Board
SLWRB4301A Yes No No +3  BGM113 Module
$19 SLWRB4301A Dual Band Radio Board
SLWRB4302A Yes No No +8  BGM121 Module
$19 SLWRB4302A Dual Band Radio Board

Get Started with the Kit

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