CP2112 Classic USB Bridge

 The CP2112 HID USB to SMBus/I2C Bridge provides a complete plug and play interface solution that includes royalty-free drivers. This USB 2.0 compliant device includes 8 digital I/O pins and is availble in a 4x4 mm  QFN24 package.

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Development Tools Type
CP2112EK HID USB to SMBus/I²C Bridge Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kits
Title Version Resource Type
AN220: USB Driver Customization 6.7.4 Example Code
PCN #1611215: CP2102N Datasheet and Errata Update Product Change Notifications (PCN)
USBXpress Win98SE Release Notes 2.42 Release Notes
VCP Drivers for WinCE50 Software
VCP Driver for WinCE60 Software
VCP Driver v6.7.3 Release Notes v6.7.3 Release Notes
USBXpress v6.7.3 Release Notes 6.7.3 Release Notes
PB #1606031: Inner Box Label Change Product Change Notifications (PCN)
Standard Outerbox Label Change to Include RoHS and Halogen Free Mark Product Change Notifications (PCN)
CP210x VCP Driver for Mac OSX 10.6 Release Notes 4.x.14 Application Notes
AN335: USB Driver Installation Methods 0.4 Application Notes
AN532: HID Library API Specification 0.1 Application Notes
AN220: USB Driver Customization 0.7 Application Notes
AN295: USB Audio Class Tutorial 0.1 Application Notes
Design Considerations in Adding USB Communications to Embedded Applications 0.1 White Papers
VCP Driver Release Notes v6.7.4 6.7.4 Release Notes
USBXpress SDK 6.7.4 Application Notes
USB Bridges Quick Reference Card 2 Miscellaneous
AN335: USB Driver Installation Utility 3.4 Example Code
CP210x VCP Driver for Windows XP and Vista 6.7 Drivers
AN721: CP210x/CP211x Device Customization Guide 1.4 Application Notes
USB Simplified: Adding USB Connectivity to Applications with Legacy Serial Connections 0.1 White Papers
CP2112 Software package Release Notes 6.7.4 Release Notes
CP2112 Software package for MAC 6.7.4 Software
CP2112 Softare package for Linux 6.7.4 Software
CP2112 Software package for Windows 6.7.4 Software
AN721SW Software
17041224 CP2112-F03 Revision PCN Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN496: HID USB-to-SMBus API Specification 0.3 Application Notes
CP2112 Data Sheet: Single-Chip HID USB to SMBus Master Bridge 1.3 Data Sheets
CP2112-EK Quick-Start Guide 0.3 Quick Start Guides
1110051 C-Pak as a Tape and Reel Supplier std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
PB #1312165: CP2112 Self Powered VBUS Usage Recommendations Product Change Notifications (PCN)
1107121 CP2112-Fxx-GM New Product Firmware Revision std Product Change Notifications (PCN)
CP2112-EK User's Guide 0.3 User Guides
CP2112-F02-GM CAD/CAE Schematic Footprints and Symbols 1.0 Schematic and Layout Files
CP2112-GM CAD/CAE Schematic Footprints and Symbols Schematic and Layout Files
CP2112 Errata 0.3 Errata
AN495: CP2112 Interface Specification 0.3 Application Notes
CP2112 Software Development Kit for Windows XP and Vista 1.10 Software Development Kits
CP2112 Software Development Kit for Windows XP and Vista Release Notes 1.10 Software Development Kits
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