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Low-Power Wi-Fi Chips for Unmatched Performance

Our Wi-Fi modules and SoCs are designed specifically for the IoT, where RF performance, low power consumption, and fast time-to-market are critical. Created to be scalable and compatible with all major ecosystems and emerging standards, our secure Wi-Fi solutions are also designed to simplify coexistence.

The Future of Wi-Fi in Low-Power IoT Devices

Low-Power Wi-Fi for Industrial IoT Connectivity

Today’s IoT devices manage a lot of operations across standards, including Wi-Fi, sub-GHz, 15.4, and Bluetooth. As a full-system provider, we’ve removed the complexity of adding low-power Wi-Fi functionality so you can focus on your application.

Wi-Fi Modules and Transceivers Select Columns
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Frequency Bands Application MCU Onboard IP Support Key Peripherals Flash (kB) RAM (kB)
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) UART, SPI, SDIO, USB CDC
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) SDIO, USB HS
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP SoCs
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP SoCs
Single Band (2.4) UART, SPI, SDIO, USB CDC
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs
Single Band (2.4) SDIO, USB HS
WF200 Series 2 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
WFM200 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules (Series 2)
Single Band (2.4) SDIO/SPI
WF200 Series 2 Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs
Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs (Series 2)
Single Band (2.4) SDIO, SPI
WGM160 Series 1 Wi-Fi Modules
WGM160 Wi-Fi Modules (Series 1)
Single Band (2.4) UART, Ethernet, USB 2048 512
RS9113 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
RS9113 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) SPI, UART, USB-CDC
RS9113 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
RS9113 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) SPI, UART, USB-CDC
WGM110 Series 1 Wi-Fi Modules
WGM110 Wi-Fi Modules (Series 1)
Single Band (2.4) UART, SPI, USB 1024 128
Bluegiga Legacy Wi-Fi Modules
Bluegiga Legacy Wi-Fi Modules
Single Band (2.4) (SDIO/SPI), (UART/I2C) 512 128
Wireless Xpress AMW0x7
Wireless Xpress AMW0x7 Modules

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Smart Home

Wireless Sensors

Door Locks

Case Study

Kudelski IoT and the RS9116 Module Are Simplifying Lot Management

Learn how our RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver helped Kudelski IoT develop RecovR, a low-power GPS locator with extended battery life that's providing lot management for dealerships as well as reliable theft recovery for consumers.

Wi-Fi  for  the  iot

Our Wi-Fi modules and SoCs provide a system-level approach for connecting Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, Z-Wave, or Matter Applications to the Internet.


Silicon Labs’ Wi-Fi portfolio can help optimize a low-power embedded design with modules that offer low sleep modes and fast response to real-time events.

Connected Health

Hospitals and clinics are tough environments for RF signals, but it’s also here where reliable communication is most critical. Our Wi-Fi solutions provide continuous connectivity regardless of what other signals might be present.

Fleet Management

Our portfolio features high-performance, low-power, and multiprotocol modules and SoC for developing efficient fleet management systems with wide coverage.


Our diverse sensor product portfolio includes optical sensors, digital I²C relative humidity, and temperature sensor ICs, biometric sensors, magnetic hall effect sensors, and capacitive touch sense microcontroller devices for a variety of Wi-Fi applications.


With Silicon Labs, you can develop the most secure devices for smart energy management and enable tens of years of a lifetime for battery-powered smart meters.

RS9116X Single Band Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Development Kit

The RS9116 Single Band Evaluation Board supports the RS9116 family of SoCs and modules by providing a comprehensive multi-protocol wireless connectivity solution including 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), dual-mode Bluetooth® 5. ​ 

Wi-Fi Kits & Boards
Starter Kits
Modular kits for software development and feature evaluation of IoT devices
Development Kits
Full-featured application development kits
Evaluation Kits
Product and feature evaluation kits
Demo Kits
Use case and feature-specific demos
Reference Designs
Application-specfic designs showcasing complete system solutions
Radio Boards
Wireless starter kit plug-in boards featuring specific SoC or module wireless devices
Expansion Boards
Starter kit and ecosystem accessory boards
Thunderboard Kits
Low-cost software development and prototyping kits for IoT devices
Debug and Programming Tools
Debugging and programming tools and accessories

Wi-Fi Software Development

Our Wi-Fi solutions are designed specifically for the IoT, where robust RF performance, low power consumption, easy application development and fast time-to-market are key requirements.

  The WGM110 Wi-Fi Software contains a complete Software Development Kit for developing Wi-Fi IoT applications. It includes all of the software tools needed to deliver your application on time. Take advantage of the free SDK, flexible and easy-to-use APIs and device firmware upgrades capabilities.
  The Bluegiga Wi-Fi Software is an embedded 802.11 MAC and IPv4 stack targeted for Bluegiga Legacy WF121 Wi-Fi module. The software implements full 802.11 functionality, WPA2, WPA, WEP, and WPS encryption protocols and various IP-based protocols, such as TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, ICMP, and HTTP. The Wi-Fi software also supports the 802.11 access point and HTTP server functionality for the easy configurations and direct connections with phones, tablets, and PCs.
  Wi-Fi developers using Linux or RTOS-based host MCUs with products such as the WF200, WFM200S, and WGM160P can find support materials, drivers, and software repositories.
  Wi-Fi+ BT Developers using Linux or bare-metal or RTOS based host MCUs with products such as the RS9116 ultra low power Wi-Fi+BT combo SoC and Modules can find support material, drivers and software repositories.


Low-Power Wi-Fi MCUs Designed Specifically for the IoT

IoT applications are often constrained by power, size, resources, and vulnerable to online and physical hacking. The challenge for IoT Wi-Fi is to deliver adequate performance while lowering power consumption, reducing MIPS requirements, and delivering high levels of security. Here you can learn more about some of the differentiating aspects of our IoT Wi-Fi solution.

IoT Device Security: What Designers Need to Know

Driving Wi-Fi Based Connectivity for Low-Power IoT Applications

Wi-Fi Trends & How Wi-Fi 6 Can Improve the IoT

Managing Coexistence Between Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Thread, and Bluetooth


Differentiated Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things

Flawless Multiprotocol Performance from the Leader in IoT

Today's devices aren't just connecting to the Internet. Streaming music, tracking fitness data, and other functions require working across standards. Our portfolio features the only multithreaded MCU that provides four protocols running in parallel on the same die. 

Industry-Leading Security

Secure Vault™ is an industry-leading suite of state-of-the-art security features that address escalating IoT threats, reducing the risk of ecosystem security breaches and the compromise of intellectual property or revenue loss from counterfeiting.  

Low Power Consumption

We offer the lowest power consumption Wi-Fi chip on the market, and the smallest, with a form-factor design of 4.6 x 7.9mm, along with the industry’s lowest power across transmit, receive and sleep modes.

Secure, Reliable Connectivity

Our devices have several advanced built in security features – including secure boot, secure link, and secure debug to protect devices, along with the capability to run industry standard encryption efficiently. In addition to online hacking, these features prevent physical hacking to make your end device more secure.

Dependable Performance in Challenging Environments

Coexistence is complex and Wi-Fi radio environments can be challenging, with access points overwhelming end nodes with interference on adjacent channels. Silicon Labs’ superior RF selectivity ensures reliable connectivity in environments with significant RF interference, maintaining high data.

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