Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Go from concept to design in less time with our 32-bit and 8-bit MCUs

Rapidly evaluate and prototype a wide variety of industrial and consumer devices using our low-power, fast speed microcontrollers, development kits, specialized example code (like energy monitoring, USB, LCD, touch sensors), and advanced debugging capabilities. 

Our 32-bit MCUs enable high functioning, low-power systems by leveraging an EFM32™ ARM® Cortex®. While our EFM8™ 8051-based MCUs deliver the industry’s fastest speeds and lowest power. 

   32-bit EFM32 Cortex M and Precision32 Microcontrollers 8-bit 8051-based EFM8 and C8051 Microcontrollers
Core Cortex-M0+, M3, M4, and M33 Optimized 8051 (70% of the instructions executed in 1 cycle)
Core Frequency Up to 80 MHz Up to 72 MHz
Active Current Down to 21 μA/MHz Down to 150 μA/MHz
Sleep Current Down to 900 nA with RTCC and RAM Down to 300 nA with RTC
Wake Times Down to 3 μs Down to 2 μs
ADC Up to 16-bit SAR ADC  Up to 14-bit SAR ADC
GPIOs 15 - 144 13 - 40
Flash  Up to 2048 kB  Up to 64 kB
RAM  Up to 512 kB  Up to 4 kB
Featured Product EFM32PG23 EFM8 Busy Bee
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