USB FM Radio Reference Design



Note: this product is no longer available or supported.

USB FM Radio Reference Design 
The USB FM Radio reference design combines a high-performance C8051F321 USB enabled microcontroller and the revolutionary single-chip Si4701 FM Radio Tuner.  
Plug the reference design into your PC's USB port and launch the radio player software to listen to your favorite radio station on your PC. The reference design offers an example of how to include this capability in your own embedded design.

Radio Player and Documentation


Important Note for Windows 7 Users

When you first plug in your USB FM Radio, Windows 7 sets the device to Disabled by default. The following steps must be performed the first time the USB FM Radio is plugged in and before running the USB FM Radio player application:
  1. Navigate to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Sound.
  2. Once the Sound dialog is displayed, click on the "Recording" tab.
  3. The USB FM Radio Receiver should be seen here. If it does not appear, right click in the area where the recording devices are listed and make sure 'Show Disabled Devices' is selected.
  4. Once the USB FM Radio Receiver device is shown, right click on it and select 'Properties.' At the bottom of the Radio Receiver properties dialog next to "device usage," select "Use this device (enable)" and click the "OK" button.
The radio will now show up as a selectable input source for the USB FM Radio player application.