HID USB to IR Reference Design


Note: this product is no longer available or supported.

HID USB to IR Reference Design Board ImageSilicon Labs' plug and play HID USB to IR reference design demonstrates the ease of use and versatility of the CP2112 USB bridge and Si1143 proximity sensor devices. The HID USB to IR reference design responds to pre-defined touchless swipe gestures (left, right, up and down) using the Si1143 proximity and ambient light sensor. The CP2112 HID USB to SMBus/I2C bridge handles the USB communication required for configuring the sensor and transferring the measured data for gesture recognition. Only minimal components are required. The user interaction with the board is displayed using an application on your PC.

Device Features

CP2112 HID USB Bridge Si114x Proximity Sensor
  • Complete plug and play solution
  • Easily implement USB in your designs
  • Pre-programmed with all the necessary software
  • No need to be familiar with USB specification
  • Seamless compatibility with most operating systems
  • Superior range and sensitivity while keeping power demands low
  • Supports advanced touchless gesturing with up to 3 independent LED drivers
  • Ultra-sensitive photodiodes with over 50 cm proximity range
  • I2C interface for ease of communication with MCU