EZRadioPRO® ISM Band ICs

While including all the attractive features of the EZRadio® RF transmitters, receivers and transceivers, such as high integration, low cost, flexibility, low BOM and easy design-in, these EZRadioPRO® ICs target more sophisticated ISM band applications and offer several enhanced parameters and features including outstanding RF performance and standards support for 802.15.4g and wireless M-Bus, frequency coverage from 119 to 1050 MHz and output power up to +20 dBm. Also included are built-in features such as wake-up timer, low battery detector, transmit and receive data FIFOs, power-on reset circuit and general-purpose digital I/Os.

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Wireless M-Bis Software 

Wireless M-Bus Software NEW

M-Bus is a European standard for the remote reading of gas, electricity and heat meters. This software package includes a complete protocol stack that provides support for the S (868 MHz), T (868 MHz), C (868 MHz) and N (169 MHz) wireless M-Bus modes specified by EN13757.

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